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Developer rant

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I've been developing apps for STB's a couple of years now, I just want to point out that the current state of the development tools is a disgrace. When you consider how many millions of boxes people like Cisco, Motorola, and Pace make, it's so difficult to understand how they are so neglectful of their developers.

I've worked in several fields--Windows, PalmOs, even MS-DOS, and I have never seen a more putrid set of tools for people to use. What's the matter with these people? Don't they care about the dearth of decent software that runs on their boxes? Doesn't it tell you something about your technology when EBIF passes for a revolutionary product?

Folks complain about cable companies being slow to introduce innovative technology, but they should see the absolute junk we have to write software for. These Linux-based boxes cost hundreds of dollars, but I dare you to try to run a debugger on one of them. And what's this nonsense about running crusty old J2ME technology? There's no excuse for that.

The best thing about tru2way it that it will make the STB obosolete, and perhaps we'll be freed from trying to write useful applications for hardware that is shoddy, buggy, unreliable, closed, and totally lacking any decent developer support.

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Thank you for your opinion. Addressing the lack of development tools, the OpenCable Project lists some third party resources of development tools on the Tru2way Community Resources tab. Also, CableLabs has announced that a PC-based open source Reference Implementation will be released later this year. See News section, April 2 Press Release.

Regards, pbender66 (Project Owner)