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Java ME SDK 3.0 Released

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I am happy to announce the Revenue Release of Java Platform Micro Edition Software Development Kit 3.0.

Java ME SDK includes the advanced tools found in Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5.2 [for CLDC] and Sun Java Toolkit 1.0 [for CDC] and many new features.

Key Features
* Integration with third-party emulators and Windows Mobile devices
* On-device deployment and on-device debugging
* CLDC/MIDP, CDC/FP/PBP/AGUI, and BD-J integrated into one SDK
* New CLDC HotSpot Virtual Machine
* Optimized MSA 1.1 stack with extensions
* Profiling support
* Network monitor
* BD-J support
* New development environment based on Netbeans Platform
* Lightweight UI Toolkit (LWUIT) integration
* Device search database integrated in SDK
* JavaFX Mobile Emulator included

Have a look for yourself:
Check our team blog at
And also forum at

Good news for PhoneME developers. It is possible to extend JME SDK with just released PhoneME Feature MR4 runtime. Details will be posted on our team blog.


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You would think in order to support Solaris/OpenSolaris, a *nix version would be high on the priority list.

I also find this very disappointing.

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BTW there is a mac version out : sun_java_me_sdk-3_0-ea-mac.dmg

( )

can it be lunched under linux ?

Also on amd64 :


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Yes please care of linux developpers, aint java open source ? how to port wtk3 to linux

some tracks :

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And as always Windohs only.

Come on folks. Unix, isn't that what Sun does? Maybe you could find someone that knows SOMETHING about Unix/Linux/Mac(ie BSD), and could port it?

Please tell me that only the PreVerifier is the hold up for the all Java WTK? And after 10years do you think we could write that little pain in Java and be done with the porting issues.


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same here...

I'm excited about SDK 3.0, it sounds great, hypothetically. I'll know when i can actually run it on linux. Until then, more 2.5.2. I wonder too... will the linux version finally be able to play back mp3s? like its some crazy new format or something you know? I feel like i'm stuck 5 years back in the history of J2ME.

still though, can't wait, looking forward to it.