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Hide Show Slide Transition Horizontal Menu

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Is it possible to do hide and show slide transition horizontal menu? I have one page layout which contains top panel, left panel, center panel and footer panel. My horizontal menu will be placed on left panel, and my content will be placed on center panel. There will be a pointer(<<) beside the left side bar. When i click the pointer, it will hide the entire left side bar, and the pointer(>>) will show on left side with the center panel in full screen. When i click the pointer(>>), it will show the left side bar again and the center panel will be push to right. How can i do this? Is there any horizontal menu widget or container widget which can achieve something like this tht i want? Please help, it is URGENT!!!

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Yes you can do this though you will have to modify the layout a little I think.

what you can do is associate a javascript function on the << or >> layout (usually I add an onlick event)



Then have a subscriber to handle this:

This example assumes the id of the component you want to toggle is 'breadcrumbs'