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Re-distributing OpenJDK

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Joined: 2006-05-25

I am sorry if this is answered somewhere. I sincerely have looked at several faqs and sources to find out the answer to my questions, and quite frankly am severely confused at this point.

At one point in time (in the past) I was looking at building an application based on Java that would require my re-distribution of the jre as part of my product. There would be no modifications of the jre (or jdk) just: a) it would be included in the distribution of my product b) it would be hidden in the application footprint.

At that time, I was told that it was prohibited to do so. Sun's/Java's alternative was to provide a "starter" that would point the person to a download site for the jre and then they could install it and run my application. This is/was not possible for the type of application I was building.

Question is, with openjdk can I freely repackage and redistribute it as part of an application I build or what is the legalese regarding such?