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The problem of using ObjectInputStream with JxtaSocket

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Dear all:

I want to use ObjectInputStream and ObjectOutputStream based on JxtaSocket to send/receive objects.

I found a problem, may be a bug, that is, in the client side, I can't create a ObjectInputstream. The example code is like this:

JxtaSocket socket = new JxtaSocket(netPeerGroup, null, pipeAdv, 5000, true);
new ObjectInputStream(socket.getInputStream());

The process is stuck at the line of new ObjectInputStream(socket.getInputStream());

If I use other kinds of InputStream, like new DateInputStream(socket.getInputStream), It's work.

I use the jxta-2.5 lib at the download page.

Could you help me to figure this out

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What do you mean by the process is stuck? Is there an error message? An exception?