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jMaki Properties View not always populated for a jMaki Snippet in Eclipse

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Joined: 2008-05-02

New to jMaki....In Eclipse 3.4x (Ganymede), when I drag and drop a jMaki Snippet onto my JSP, sometimes the snippet will have properties that automatically appear in jMaki Properties View; other times the snippet will have properties that will not appear in jMaki Properties View, but are certainly in the snippet.

How do I ensure that a snippet to shows its properties in jMaki Properties View? I am lazy: I prefer to modify properties in the jMaki Properties View dialog.

Does this have anything to do with xhp.json? Seems that if a snippet appears in xhp.json, I can see its properties in jMaki Properties View.

Many thanks.

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Joined: 2008-05-02

I figured it out...the args attribute populates the jMaki Properties View...does not seem anything to do with xhp.json, afterall.

Here is an example:

{label : 'My Tab', content : 'Some Content'},
{id : 'bar', label : 'My Tab 2', include : 'test.jsp ', lazyLoad : true },
{label : 'My Tab 3', content : 'More Content', selected : true}
}" args="{beer:AlexKeiths,wine:VinDeTable,whisky:Lagavulin}"/>

The jMaki Properties View will show:

beer AlexKeiths
whisky Lagavulin
wine VinDeTable