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Anybody knows how to perform a remote authentication?

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Hey guys, Im working on the combination of Role base access control system and Jxta collaborative tools. So the thing i need to solve is first create a group and associate it with a certain role in local RBAC system and when somebody try to join the group , creator of the group need his identity to verify whether he has the require role, and then create a remote credential doc.

So it is remote authentication to me, anybody has any sample code or helpful advise.

Deeply appreciated!

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Maybe, you could be interested in the psesample from jxta examples (jxse-tutorials -

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I don't have code examples. You would need to establish a pipe connection between both peers and exchange the messages you need. Keep in mind that man-in-the-middle attacks are possible in this very simple solution. If you want something more secure, I would go for a PKI.