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Web Service with Eclipse

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Joined: 2009-04-07

Hi all, i'm a new, sorry for my english.
I have this question: I wont create a web service in Eclipse.
My service have this method

public void init(ServiceContext serviceContext) ...

but when i wont create a new "Axis2 Service Archiver", when it must load the method eclipse said me class not found, but the class exist. this problem there is only if i use this method init

thank you
bye all

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Joined: 2009-04-07

I have found a solution. I build a class without the method init destroy etc.. and make the aar with the wizard Axis2 service archiver, after change the class, add the method init, destroyu etc., build the class, insert the new class in to the .aar

Joined: 2009-04-24

can you post the contents of the init method and destroy method. Im doing a similar thing, and without these my code is OK but when i add the init method i get so many errors