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problem with messages being treated as soap 1.2 while they're 1.1

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Hi there,

we are to connect to a web service provided by our client (and done by a third party). The problem is that when we took their .wsdl file and generated artifacts for it (with wsimport) we're getting exception about inproper content type (response from external service is having text/xml - soap 1.1 specfic - content type while our client application expects 1.2-specific application/soap+xml type).

Third party provider claims, that their WS is a proper 1.1 service (and that wsdl is compliant). What I need is either of:
1. information on how can I force generated code to wait for 1.1 messages?
2. information, that I'm right when I suspect that such .wsdl definition is wrong because of mixing tags from 1.1 and 1.2 specs:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


I expect that using wsdlsoap namespace (taken from: to create address binding is forcing our client code to use soap1.2. But I am not an expert in this technology so I need to be sure before we send information about 3rd party provider's error.

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