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Please review service fixes

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Hi all,
There were a couple of requests regarding services functionality. Please review my fixes:

1) 6806901,
Description : "Harness started with a standard command "java -jar javatest.jar" does not see custom Services and ServiceReaders disregarding classpath specified in testsuite.jtt. It leads to silent disappearance of all custom services from a list of available services."

Evaluation : "TDMatchers inside TestPath class, Services inside XMLServiceReader should be loaded using TestSuite.loadClass(String className) method. ServiceReader.init() method should take TestSuite as a parameter."

2) 6806903,
Description: "To make Serializable"

Evaluation : "There also serialVesionUIDs should be added to the Message and ProcessParams classes"

3) 6820024 and 6820042,

Description : "ProcessExecutor stops services by killing shell process (Process.destroy()), then checks exit code, if exit code is not equal to 0 ProcessExecutor reports error. Usually exit code is not 0 after killing process. It would be good to remove the checking to avoid periodic error reporting." and "ServiceManager reports error about unsuccessful attempt to retrieve input stream from service executor:
"Service :agentError occured when trying to achieve srevice streams."
It contains a misprint and should be reformulated."

Evaluation : "code, that makes assumptions about service execution status basing on exit code, should be removed" and "misprint should be fixed"

4) 6806905,
Description : "Service Viewer does not reread interview. To reproduce it:
1. Open and close Service Viewer
2. Change interview
3. Open Service Viewer, services will be started with old interview values as if the change has not been made"

Evaluation : "ServiceViewer shoul register itself as Interview.Observer and update service properties on pathUpdated() event"

5) 6823079,

Description : "Currently it is not easy to get path to a test suite from inside of Services API. Services take such information from test environment properties using TestEnvironment.keys() method, but when the path to test suite is added to the properties via TestEnvironment.put(name, value) method, required key does not appear in TestEnvironment.keys() set."

Evaluation : "TestEnvironment.keys() method doesn't include keys of extra properties. The safe fix will be to achieve map witn extra values from test environment and also put it to the service properties"

Sergey Borodin

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I have tested the fixes, they look good.