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Configuring shell to connect default groups

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Joined: 2009-03-29

I have read a few books and followed their configuration to connect to JXTA.ORG but failed.
I am running shell.jnlp from
I am not behind firewall nor NAT.
Here is my configuration

Peer Name: testshell

TCP Settings checked the following
Enable Outgoing connections
Enable Incoming Connections
HTTP Settings checked the following
Enable Outgoing connections

Rendezvous/Relays checked the following
Use only configured seed rendezvous
Rendezvous seeding URIs:
Use a relay
Use only configured seed relays
Relay seeding URIs:

With the above configuration, the result of command rdvstatus is as follow

Rendezvous Status:

Current configuration : EDGE
"testshell" A p t [10/0]

Peer View :

Rendezvous Connections :

Rendezvous Disconnections :

How to configure the shell so that I can connect to any rendezvous peer?

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Joined: 2007-04-19

if you try to connect to that rendezvous you will experience no connection, as that rendezvous are offline since a month ago.

If you would like to try a connection between two peers you could run two shell from two separate directory and configure one as rendezvous with the command

rdvcontrol rdv start

the other as edge and connect to the rendezvous with the command

rdvcontrol edge connect

or something similar, the address could a little different.

Good work.