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Embedded JRE & Windows Firewall

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Joined: 2009-03-27

Ok here is my problem.

I'm distributing and application with a pre packaged JRE, using NSIS as the installer and Launch4j as the .exe builder. The application is completely self contained and doesn't need or use a pre-installed JRE.

My issue is this, on any system that has Windows Firewall turned on and doesn't have an exception built in for the JRE you will get a popup saying Windows Firewall blocked this application from accessing the internet. Really it's blocking the JRE and not my application but most users don't or won't know the difference. I don't like this at all, it inadvertently makes my application look like some type of spy ware, my application doesn't need to connect to the internet and the embedded JRE doesn't ever need updating. Is there anyway I can prevent this from happening, I have been unsuccessful so far in preventing this pop-up from occurring.

Any help that you can offer would be appreciated.

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Joined: 2008-05-03

I would play with the files or other properties files in the lib directory for the jre as there may be some default settings that tries to connect to internet. Not allowing some of the settings my cause the jre not to try to connect.
Hope it helps.