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rendezvous peer in peer group

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I am trying to make p2p game and I have a question about rendezvous peer.

Suppose all peers are end points, should these peers also be implemented as rendezvous peer, because I am thinking that if there is a peer (A) that depends on a particular peer (B) to rendezvous all its msg and if that rendezvous peer (B) happens to drop does this basically mean that peer (A) is most likely to get dropped out of the group

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Basically you need RDV peers to help end peers find advertisementfor network resources.
You don't need any peer to be RDV if all peers are in multicast enabled network ENV.
If your application can't relay on multicasting (f.e. if it should work over the Internet) then RDV peer on public and known IP address is needed so end peers could find out about each others.

Making all peers RDV peers is unnecessary, because you can set peers to automaticly change to RDV mode if necessary.

In your scenario if RDV drops out of network (if I am not mistakeing) peers would still be able to use resources they have previously discovered, but would be unable to find new resources.