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Eclipse and projects

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Sorry if itsn't the right place, but it was one I have found here on

I have one project that I am using Java3D, but in my machine I have two OSs, Linux (Slackware 12.2) and Windows (Vista). I have Eclipse installed on both, but I want to setup the project to include on Classpath the jars of java3D, but I want this configuration works equal on both systems. The path I have to the Jars on Windows is something like that E:/AnotherFolder/Windows/Java3dJars the path for Linux is something like that /mnt/temp/AnotherFolder/Linux/Java3dJars Detail: E: and /mnt/temp are the SAME directory, because E: is a partition alone to share with both systems, therefore, E:/AnotherFolder/Windows/Java3dJars is equal to /mnt/temp/AnotherFolder/Windows/Java3dJars Is there any possibility for me doing that?

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Not really the right forum no, you'll probably get better answers on an Eclipse help forum.

But my guess:
If you got different configurations when running Eclipse in Slackware/Windows, make a Java3D user library (project properties -> build path -> libraries -> add library..). They are looked up by name.

If not and using the same workspace, make a Java3D project with the jars and link to those (could be with a user library). That uses relative paths to the workspace then.