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Integrating Vorbis and Theora codecs?

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Hi Sun!

You have written some examples of your audio and video functionality of JavaFX:

But could you please integreate also the codecs of ogg Vorbis (Audio) and ogg Theora (Video) ?

Vorbis and Theora are free and OpenSource codecs. And so you could also show the Sourcecode of that JavaFX-parts, etc.

On the one hand I think, JavaFX should support most codecs as possible.
On the other hand can then the SourceCode of some Codecs not published. And patented Codecs can also not be integrated on CDs of Magazines and so on. So a JavaFX which is part of a Magazine or Book isn't possible.
But Vorbes and Theoara are patent free and OpenSource, so it is somethng which should be supported by JavaFX and should be integrated there.

At the moment you support as cross platform solution only FLV and On2. Hope Theora and Vorbis comes additional to it.

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