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[webtier] Re: Custom cookiepath for session

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Jan Luehe

On 03/18/09 03:52 PM, wrote:
> Reading my question again I may not have been as clear as I need to be:
> We want the cookie path for each user-defined subdirectory to be able to be set:
> e.g.
> -> cookie path = /app1
> -> cookie path = /app2
> -> cookie path = /app3
> Remember this is one web-app so we can't use sun-web.xml to configure the different paths.
> Is this possible with either v2 or v3?

Thanks for clarifying!

Unfortunately, what you are trying to do is not supported by GlassFish:
In GlassFish, you can configure only a single cookie path per webapp.
By default, the cookie path will be set to the webapp's context root.

Do you know of any other appservers that support what you are looking for?



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