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Apprisant Diagram V2.0 Released

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The Apprisant Diagram is a customizable general-purpose Java[TM] diagram component and class library for displaying application data in Swing-based applications.

Version 2.0 features a new JavaScript-hosted renderer file format with a declarative syntax, deferred property values resolved at display time for each element, and JavaScript expressions for resolving deferred values and configuring renderers.

Two new diagram styles have been added: Tree Layout and Resource Chart, both supported in the toolkit's design editor and IDEs, along with demos showcasing their use.

The diagram supports dynamic updating driven by a data model and events and controlled by data attributes, with an adapter for Swing TableModels.

The pluggable framework architecture, design editor, scripted rendering, custom layout support, and data binding features enable you to create custom diagram styles and layout quickly and easily.

In addition to the class library and design editor, the toolkit includes IDE design tools, full API documentation, a Developers' Guide, and many example programs.

Product info:

Preview the demos from our upcoming release for JavaServer Faces based thin-client web applications:

[ ap' pri sant' derived from apprise (v.) to inform or make aware ]