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JDK 6u14 G1 GC issues

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Joined: 2008-05-13

In AMD64 Linux, it does not work with "UseCompressedOops" option.
But I did not use "-d64" since I thought it was marked as an AMD64 version of JDK.

In x86 Windows XP Pro SP3, it does not like any of "AggressiveOops","AggressiveHeap", "DoEscapeAnalysis", "UseFastAccessorMethods" and "UseTLAB".

It prints lots of "disabling ExplicitGC" if "DisableExplicitGC" option is enabled.

It does not work with VisualGC plugin inside VisualVM 1.1.1, whose heap chart could not work properly once the target application used G1 GC.

Hope somebody can advise on how to use it properly and take the best advantage of it.