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JavaME SDK 3 EA, want start anymore on my system.

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As topic,
JavaME SDK 3 EA, want start anymore on my system,
I can't understand why...

I tryed reinstalling both JDK and JavaME SDK 3 but I've got always this error when I start JavaME SDK 3 EA.

Please help!!!

Here you can find 4 screenshot of the error:

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What OS are you running? 2000, XP, Vista?

I think I has something like this once due to not having a network connection, and thus the system couldn't setup normal connections. Normally I use Linux, (obviously I can't run sdk3 ea since Sun isn't nice enough to make a Verifier that isn't Windows based.) But I also had issues with IPV6, and the WTK code requiring a IPV4 setup.

Joined: 2008-10-16

I'm running Windows Vista and I have a network connections :(
I need to solve that problem...

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As a first aid and for a localization of problem:
1. right click on the device manager in system tray and exit it.
2. go to your user home and remove javame-sdk folder
3. try to search live processes in task manager for runMIDlet.exe and bootstrap.jar -> kill any if found

try to run emulator standalone
4. go to /bin/ and run device-manager.exe
5. run emulator.exe -Xjam
has emulator started ?

If emulator doesn't start then search for device-manager.log in /toolkit-lib and device.log in /javame-sdk and attach it here.


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In that way I can't see neither the splashscreen and nothing starts, without no error. :(

Joined: 2008-10-16

I noticed that this problem happens only if I'm connected to the internet...

this is really strange, WTK 3EA starts well if I'm not connected and it give me that problem if I'm online...

any idea?