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change jMaki.doAjax to use weblogic portlet aware xhr

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We are using embolic portal 10.3, portal suggests to use portlets aware XmlHttpRequest object to use for asynch communication. The reason for that is for portal framework to differentiate which portlet instance on the client
issued the request.

We plan to write custom jMaki widgets based on dojo 1.2.3 and tweak jMaki.doAjax to use portlet Xhr .

Q. Do you guys think will something like this work?
Q. If yes how do you suggest of doing it?

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Generally with portal containers you can host different portions of the view from different web applications. Which can be done with jMaki but I would suggest hosting the Dojo and your widgets from a single context and setting the webroot to use the single location.

I've detailed this out to an extent here:

For setting the webroot you can see more here:

I would also suggest you look at the xmlhttpproxy for doing service communication. This should help with the integration and will work across contexts.