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Delete Database Automatically When Application Uninstalled

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I wrote one application which stores the Contact number as well their personal details.. every thing working well. To run my application i am using SunWTK2.5 Default Color Phone Emulator. I run my application successfully. To store the personal information i am using Perst Lite Data base and i am using perst-jsr75.jar to store the data base in root.

Here my issue is : i would like to delete Database from the root when we Uninstall the Application

Can any one Help Me Out.....

Advance Thanks for Any suggestion or Examples

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No you can't do this. There are no hooks in JavaME to detect and notify a MIDlet that you are about to delete it so that it can do some lastminute cleanup. Some devices have a uninstall notify command for the JAD file, but this only takes a URL to call the server (MIDlet-Delete-Notify). But it is only a Nokia phone thing so I've heard. (I have not used it personally).

You might see if you could set the notify up to be a SMS call back into the phone to do a pushregistry start on your midlet to tell it that it's about to be removed. But I think this JAD option requires a HTTP scheme, and would not support the SMS:// scheme. however it's worth a try.


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It is a little bit confusing with crossposting ;-)

I answered on the same question in another thread while Shawn answered it here.