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[webtier] Re: Stumped by ServletContext and ServletContextListener behavior

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Jan Luehe

On 03/11/09 01:02 PM, wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I am trying to create a service that our other servlets will use. Its supposed to set itself up on ContextInitialized and clean up on ContextDestroyed.
> My problem is that a key attribute I store in the ServletContext and need toa ccess for celanup is VANISHING from the attributes before ContextDestroyed get called :(
> I am *positive* I am not resetting it myself. Where is it going and why???
> This has been immensely frustrating to try to debug.
> The code is below if anyone wants to look at it

This was fixed in GlassFish v3_b29 as part of

Invoke contextDestroyed() of ServletContextListener *before* clearing any
context attributes.



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