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doubt regarding publish and subscibe

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I have a small question regarding publish and subscribe model in jmaki.

If i have 2 tables A and B and table A publishes to a topic T1 and B subscribes to topic T2.If A doesn't subscribe to any topic explicitly, does it mean A subscribes to default topic /table?

Thanks in Advance!

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Generally widgets subscribe to there name:

The dojo.table for example will subscribe to :


The yahoo dataTable will subscribe to:


In the case of widgets that are generic like trees / tables / tabddedviews etc those widgets by default will *also* subscribe to those topics if a subscribe topic is not provided.




If you provide a subscribe attribute to a widget it will override both subscribers with whatever you choose.

You can set a widget to subscribe to no topics by leaving the topic as blank or []

Hope that clears things up.


Joined: 2006-01-31

Thanks Glen