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Java hardware for embedded control systems?

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Joined: 2009-03-08

I'm looking for a low cost, low power device that can run Java and has some flash memory, an ethernet port and serial and/or USB ports. I'd like to write a server that will accept commands on its ethernet port and control some devices connected to its serial and USB ports. It's a control application, so it doesn't need a super-fast CPU or a display.

Something like the aJile JNIB seems interesting, but unit costs appear to be several hundred dollars, where I'm hoping for something in the $100 or less range (perhaps it's a pipe dream).

Does anyone know of such a device, or of a good resource for information on these devices?

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You might look at the sentilla devices. They have wireless networking and have GIO pins that work with several types of standard control sensors on the market. Also it comes at a great price has a very nice IDE and is a lot of fun.

Also if you are interested in a bit more work, there is the Gumstix. There are JavaVM's that have been ported to it and it has lots of good features and addon support. It has a much larger cpu on it but sometimes that can be important for small projects. It also can support (certain versions anyway) LCD display addon.

There are also the JStamp/JStik/Tini boards. While similar to the Gumstix they are focused on the use of Java to control them. Looks like some of the prices have come down a bit. They have been at JavaOne for several years demoing their cool controls and integration with various control systems. Very mature products that would be worth a look.

Let us know how it goes.

Best wishes,

Joined: 2009-03-08

These are great suggestions, thanks!

I'll be evaluating some of this hardware, so will post in the future regarding my experiences...