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Separate PGs seeing each other?

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I'm doing a proof-of-concept for using JXTA where we have a "parent" peer group under the world group, then 1-n "client" peer groups under the parent which we want to keep completely independent of each other.. We use rendezvous as well..

Each client group needs to reach out to a pipe advertisement in the parent group at times, but also communicate among adverts within its client group..

The problem we're seeing is that sometimes the client group finds adverts for the parent group but then times out when creating the output pipe.. usually this eventually self-corrects, but it's troubling..

What we're also seeing is that these independent peer groups are trying to reach out to OTHER peer groups that it shouldn't be aware of or be contacting.. basically it somehow knows of these sibling groups, and we can't have that for our end product.. (we can tell from watching attempted TCP connections to other subnets) when it fails to connect to the parent group, we also see attempts to connect to bad IPs..

Multicast is turned on in the client groups to help discovery within that group of multiple JXTA instances..

Is there something in configuration we're missing or not doing correctly, or are we approaching incorrectly from a JXTA technology standpoint?

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Hi Ron,

Generally speaking, a pipe should not be used between different peer groups. A pipe only operates between peers belonging to the same peer group. That includes parent child relationships between peer groups.

Therefore, fetching a pipe advertisement from a parent group in order to use it in a child group is not the right way to proceed if that is what you are trying to do (and if ever this did work, it is a happy accident, but you should not rely on this behavior from JXTA).

Now, if you have two instances of the peergroup object within an application (one for parent, one for child), there is nothing preventing you from transfering a message received from a pipe in the parent group into a pipe in the child group (if that is what you need).

Regarding independent peer groups trying to reach out to other peer groups, it could be because you are trying to use pipe across peergroups. To be verified.

Hope this helps,