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Mobicents Diameter v1.0.0.BETA3 released!

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Joined: 2005-10-19

We are happy to announce a new Mobicents Diameter release, v1.0.0.BETA3 !

What's new in this release?

This release contains the newest RA added to the Mobicents Diameter solution, Sh-Server!

It also includes many improvements and bug fixes to Mobicents jDiameter Stack, the Mux component
and Base, CCA and Sh-Client Resource Adaptors. Examples were also optimized.

The release has got a new format, in a bundle with all the latest components, instead of single
component release, to guarantee good interoperability between all of the components.

The Mux component has it's own release as other J2EE applications, such as Mobicents SIP Servlets
depend on it and can benefit from independent releases.

Please provide feedback on this new release, as it is quite important!

Where to download:

What is included in this release?