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Performance Issues.

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Joined: 2009-03-03

Can any one tell me about the performance comparisons of different CRM Solutions like MS CRM, Sugar CRM and EnterpriseWizard CRM, which Solution has best Performance?I need your opinion on what is the best CMS script/platform that is suitable for a school/university website.

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Joined: 2009-03-03

Well no one can tell you about the exact comparison of performance of all CRM Solutions due to reason that every one has his own experience on their own CRM.

What ever CMS you choose just keep in mind that it should be open source like Plone. You should also take a look at PHP-Fusion. The new version 7 is almost just out, so there is not as many infusions and themes as for version 6 – however the forum supports are excellent and version 7 infusions and themes will grow in numbers you can of cause also make your own infusions/themes to make a really unique site and it is free to use also.
You can study it further from the article I studied in