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logFaces - Enterprise Logging Suite

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Joined: 2008-07-21

We are pleased to announce the release of logFaces v2.3.
Built on top of Apache Logging Services, logFaces is addressed to system integrators, testers, field support and developers. Here are the main features at a glance:

• Out-of-the-box log server
• Centralized log data sink; many sources, one storage, one point of access
• Multiple remote users and personalized environment.
• Native and simple user interface (based on Eclipse RCP)
• No more hassle with log files; make them yourself as you like it and when you need them
• Too much log? Slice it, cut it and view the relevant data in real-time
• Find problems quickly (you define what the problem is)
• Query and drill down
• Schedule and receive log data reports by e-mail
• Easy integration with existing systems
• Currently available for Windows (win32) and Linux (gtk x86)
• Light personal viewer-only edition available.

For more information go to

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Joined: 2009-03-10

Does it support MDC (mapped diagnostic context) like in log4j? I need to focus on particular context, for example trace user log-in session and stuff like that..

Joined: 2008-07-21

MDC is received, persisted and dispatched to clients. You should be able to see those properties by double clicking on the event in the viewer. What we don't have at the moment is filtering and queries based on MDC. It will be included in the next release which we are planning for the summer.