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debug enabled rt.jar file

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I'm looking for a debug enabled rt.jar file so I can see local variables etc.

In the thread
it was mentioned, that it can be downloaded from

However, if I go there I just find then Windows self-extracting DEBUG Jar file for 6u14, but I'm working with 6u11.
If I follow the links to Previous Snapshot Releases / JDK 6u1 / Java SE 6u11 Binary Snapshot Releases I get redirected to as the release has already been shipped and I can download the JDK installer.
Searching my already installed JDK, I am however not able to detect the debug enabled rt.jar.

So where do I find the debug enabled rt.jar for older versions, e.g. 6u11?


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Joined: 2004-01-14

This is not ideal, but you can unzip the included in the JDK, recompile it with -g (debug) and re-create the rt.jar.