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Who can transplant to PhoneME on WIN CE6(MEIZU M8)?

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Joined: 2009-02-26

?????WINCE6?????????????????????????WINCE ?JVM ????????

CPU?ARM11 ??6410
??WIN CE6.0??,MEIZU ?????OS ,OPERA?????
???3.4?? TFT VGA+?720*480?1600?? ??? ???



My poor English.
But to see such an excellent project, but can not run on my cell phone and distress.
The machines are WINCE6 for the kernel, using some of their own unique design, so a lot of WINCE caused the JVM can not run in it.
Therefore urge you master this PhoneME will be able to migrate to the top.

This is the configuration of this cell phone:
CPU: ARM11 Samsung 6410
Memory: 128MB built-in
WIN CE6.0 based on the kernel, MEIZU self-developed OS, OPERA custom browser
Screen: 3.4 inches TFT VGA + (720 * 480) 1600 ten thousand full-color touch-screen perspective
Other: WIFI, Bluetooth 2.0
Light control, direction and speed up the sensor

This is SDK download Address: