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Which CRM system has the best Search capability?

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Joined: 2009-02-24

I have evaluated half a dozen CRM systems and none of them allow me to find the records that I need. All I want to do is to find records that are More than 3 days old and are marked as Important, or more than 1 day old and are marked as Very Important. The vendors all say that I need to create two seperate searches and if this was the only such case, I guess I could live with it, but there are dozens of such cases and this is just the simplest example. The system would be an absolute nightmare to manage. Is there anything out there that will allow me to create such a search?

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Yaah , try out salesforce it may help you


Joined: 2009-02-24

SalesForce and I think RightNow will allow you to do it if you are willing to write the SQL yourself. If you do not want to get into hand-coding SQL, you should take a look at [url=""]EnterpriseWizard[/url], it's query builder is absolutely insane - your search would take about 20 seconds to create and it can build a query of any level of complexity.