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Information on 6u13...

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Does anyone have any information on 6u13 that they can share? I read on Osvaldo Pinali's blog that the release will be a SSR but there weren't any hard facts listed there. It would be nice if there were a site where future updates' predicted completion dates were listed. Even if those dates changed from week-to-week / day-to-day, it would be useful to have a rough estimate of when to expect future releases.

Where I work, every time we update to the most secure JRE it is costly in code / test / and deployment to our customers. Since there are now "major - minor" updates that have even more potential to break existing functionality, and since these major-minor releases are part of the normal update, it is now more costly than ever to move from version to version.

Due to this increased cost, I would find it extremely useful to be better informed about future security releases. If there is a site like this already and I don't know about it please let me know. Otherwise, does anyone know or is any one else in the same boat regarding increased cost for updating versions?



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