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Question regarding waitForRendezvousConnection()

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Joined: 2008-05-29

This method always return false and I'm getting the following in my log

ADVERTENCIA: Failed loading seeding list from :
23/02/2009 04:18:55 net.jxta.impl.util.URISeedingManager refreshActiveSeeds
ADVERTENCIA: Failed loading seeding list from :

So, It means that there are no public relays and rendezvous peers?

Is this normal? I'm really new to JXTA

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Joined: 2009-02-23

It needs Internet connection. If you have, you can try to browse the corresponding links from your browser and verify whether you receive a list of available rendezvous and relay peers. At this moment, I tried to browse but I couldn't get the lists...seems the servers are down !