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JavaME phone application help

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Joined: 2009-02-21

Hello guys, I'm new to the forum and also JavaME.

I want to create an application that runs on any cell phone but I am not sure how to go about this. I have downloaded NetBeans IDE 6.5 but that's about it. :/

What I wanted to do is develop a program which will allow me simply to enter the amount of a restaurant bill. And then display an amount I want to tip based on a percentage I will enter, as well as the total. I want to be able to easily change the tipping percentage, but I want the app to remember the percentage previously used.

I would really appreciate any help with getting this started.

Thanks : )

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Joined: 2008-06-18


you could try this getting started guide:

I guess that the "Creating the Pay Calculator Application" could be interesting for you ;-)