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JavaME phone application help

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Joined: 2009-02-21

Hello guys, I'm new to the forum and also JavaME.

I want to create an application that runs on any cell phone but I am not sure how to go about this. I have downloaded NetBeans IDE 6.5 but that's about it. Undecided

What I wanted to do is develop a program which will allow me simply to enter the amount of a restaurant bill. And then display an amount I want to tip based on a percentage I will enter, as well as the total. I want to be able to easily change the tipping percentage, but I want the app to remember the percentage previously used.

I would really appreciate any help with getting this started.

Thanks Smiley

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Joined: 2007-03-21

Open a NetBeans tutorial project, like Currency Calculator, which uses many of the features you describe.

Once you build it, test it in the emulator. Change the code to your liking.

Download the jar file from the "dist" directory onto the phone. Since you did not specify the phone model and carrier, don't know what to tell you here. Get this far and ask more questions. The answer is either "over the air" install or "bluetooth/usb" install.

good luck!

Joined: 2009-02-21

hello I have gone through a few tutorials, but one problem is that some of the tutorials are for older versions of netbeans so I reach a point where I cant do any more!

Also I really have no idea about coding, I can read the comments and understand it but other then that I'm really new to this.

I have an idea of what I want my app to do but I don't no how to code it.

I found this but I want to create a GUI for it which I can emulate in netbeans could I please get help with that?

Then I can work on what I have and edit it for my app.

Please help.

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maybe you should try a good Java ME book? Many people consider Jonathan Knudsen's books as a good alternative. Take a look at this for example:

Best Regards