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Did anyone work with such configuration? Need help

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Joined: 2009-02-18

I have tested my prototype succesfully with one weblogic server bridged to a MQ server on another machine via a binding file. I am able to send message to the MQ and also recieve the result. The weblogic bridge pulls any message it finds on the MQ reply queue. All good so far.

My problem is stated below:

If there are multiple weblogic instances on 2 different machines, how would this work?


There are 2 load balanced linux boxes and each box having 3 instances of weblogic.

Box 1
Instance 1
Instance 2
Instance 3

Box 2
Instance 4
Instance 5
Instance 6

Now every instance would have the weblogic bridge pulling message from the MQ Reply queue.

If a user(Box1, Instance1) send a request and expecting a reply back, it is quite possible that he will not recieve the message since someother weblogic instance (Box2, Instance 1) bridge has already pulled the message.

How do I solve this issue? Is there any solution to this?
I have Message Selectors set on consumers but that wont help since it works only on the local JMS queue where the message has already been pulled via bridge?

Is there any message selection trick based on bridge level so that bridge itself does not pull message that do that belong to it?

Help !!!