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a few rendezvous questions

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Hi all,

Getting started with jxta development, i have a few questions about rendezvous.

when i say
NetworkManager manager;

what is actually goin on under the hood? I am confused why there is a need to 'connect' to an ad hoc service?

is there a rendezvous advertisement browser out there for windows? Seems like it is easy to find one for a mac, but I have been unsuccessful in finding one for windows.


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When you create a network manager instance, a RendezVousEventListener is also registered automatically.

The seeds are added and the network manager class tries to contact a RDV (network-entry-point) from those seeds or from LAN (if you have multicast on). When a connection with a RDV is established, the rdvEventListener notifies any waiting threads for such an event.

When you call manager.waitForRendezvousConnection(12000); your current thread will block until it is notified by a rdvEventListener that catches a RDV_CONNECT event or until the timeout expires.

Note: There currently is a bug in the manager.waitForRendezvousConnection() method that makes it always and immediately return false after restarting the jxta platform (manager.stopNetwork(); manager.startNetwork()). Use a custom method for this behavior to be safe. Read my forum link.

RendezVous peers bootstrap the network and handle advertisements (peer/pipe/other advertisements).

Normally you need RDVs in Infrastructure mode (EDGE) and when your communication goes outside a LAN.

I don`t un destand what you mean by "advertisement browser". An application that joins the jxta network and monitors available advertisements published in the group? Or a local, offline, tool that enables browsing of the local cache of advertisements?

In any of the two cases, I can not help you with that because I did not need such a tool.

Good luck with your jxta experience and feel free to ask.

Joined: 2009-02-07


Thanks for the answer on the first question, that makes more sense now. I guess i was confused because I just finished reading the JXTA docs, and I never picked up how to determine what network configuration you need. It seems simple to configure your peer with a certain mode, but how do you know if you want that peer to be a relay peer, or an edge peer, etc seems to be something that I missed entirely.

As for the browser, I meant online browser. I cannot seem to find one, so if I get decent at JXTA over the course of this project I may just make a simple one.

I am going to mark this as answered, because the bit I mentioned about how you know what to configure each peer as seems to be another topic. I would love to hear any advice you have on that, or check out any decent hyperlinks you may have.