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Peer discover issue

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Joined: 2007-08-08

Hi all,

I have some trouble on jxta-c, anybody do me a favour?

They are:
1. When I use discovery service for peer searching, it just gets self peer and RDV peer's peer adv. Is there anything wrong?

2. I'm not sure how long time should I wait for rdv connection and srdi index.
When I publish a pipe adv, sometimes other peers can not get it by discovery service permanently.
But after use "search -r" command on jxta-shell(I use jxta-shell as rdv peer), everything works fine.

These confused me for a long time, anybody have any good solution for pipe adv publishing and searching?

Thanks in advance..


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Joined: 2009-02-23

Hi jasonking,

My problem is very similar to yours. I used jxta-java. I have two networks and three nodes: N1, R1, N2. N1 and R1 are in the same network where as N2 is in another network. I configured N1 and N2 as edge peer; R1 as RDV peer and provided R1 as seeding peer for both N1 and N2.

When I search peers from N1, it only shows R1. Similarly, when I search from N2, I can see only R1. BUT, if I search peers from R1 first and then search peers from either N1 or N2, I can see all peers.

I couldn't find out the problem... Let me know if anyone get the solution to this problem.