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Hi everyone!

I'm here to "advertise" one (probably) interesting project a little bit :)
It's been there for two years already, but I believe English-speaking community have heard almost nothing about, so I'll try to fix that.

The project is called MULTiME (standing for Multi java ME). Its purpose is to let anyone run multiple midlets on a generic phone simultaneously - one can run, stop, minimize, switch between midlets, etc. Maybe useless for latest SE phones, or for lo-mem ones, but I believe someone could have a use of it.

It's done by "packing", or compiling the needed midlets into one - (one may call it) a multimidlet.

Currently it's a "beta", few problems still exist (with particular midlets - though not many) and they are to be fixed and resolved eventualy :) , but in general everything works fine.

The project works as an online service available at

Well, thanks for your attention :) if anyone has ant interest in this project - I would like to hear.

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Joined: 2008-06-18

This sounds like a good alternative for those that do not have any multitasking MIDlet capabilities.

Do you have any performance measurements?


Joined: 2007-01-26


Actually the only thing that should be considered is some memory overhead (due to some of memory is used by the manager midlet itself).

There are two modes for compiler - generic and light.

In light mode one cannot restart a submidlet after it was closed until the whole multimidlet is restarted, in generic mode this can be done as many times as the phone can take (until it runs out of memory).

In light mode there no other overhead - it only uses some additional memory for manager. In generic mode there is some processor overhead while running midlets, but it's not too big.

A minute ago for testing I installed Opera 4.1 + Jimm 0.6.0 multimidlet on SE K310 and managed to open a mobile web page and connect to my ICQ account.

It has filled almost all of phones heap memory (1270KB) but runs smoothly :)

p.s. after I opened another page in opera (a "real" web page - the phone extended available heap to 1350KB, and 83KB is free - everything is still fine.

p.p.s. multime seems to run successfully on most of phones;
usually phone's heap size is the only limitation for running multiple midlets simultaneously.