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JavaFX applet won't load in IE7

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Joined: 2009-02-14

I've been working through a few tutorials using javaFx with Netbeans 6.5 and found a problem when I load the finished applications from my website.

The same application loads in Firefox in about a minute (a bit slow) but doesn't load at all in IE, it just shows the default java loading image but never loads. An error message "JNLP not available" is shown is java console when loading in IE, but I've checked and the JNLP file is there and as I said it loads in FF no problem.

Is there an issue with javafx and IE or do I need to set something in Netbeans before loading finished application to website?

Here's an example



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Joined: 2007-07-12

Try to change the [b]codebase [/b] property in file to