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Resource sharing

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Joined: 2009-01-16

I am student of comp. engg. I want to access or share process or service from remote machine to my machine. And i should access it as my local resource,in p2p environment.
So how can i do this in java.

Please help me.

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Joined: 2005-11-01

There are lots of different solutions depending on what resources you want to share.

Broadly you can share databases with JDBC, files with shared file systems or FTP/SFTP/RSYNC/SCP, Content with JSP, Messages with JMS, make method calls to objects with RMI/RPC, use distributed caches/databases to distribute data, or use a pier 2 pier solution to share files.

What sort of resource did you have in mind and for what purpose?

Joined: 2009-01-16

Thank u very much for replying my thread.
Actually i want to implement GRID middleware,which for peer 2 peer. In 4 computers.
And want to share resources like hard-disk. And also want to execute my requested job like matrix multiplication in those 4 machines. That is sharing of available computational resources in 4 machines. There is no server. Every machine is server or client.
If u have any solution please help me. As this is my Graduation project in university.
I hope positive reply.