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JVM for Windows CE 5.0

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Hi *,
I am looking for a solution of this task:
I need build application for out mobile barcode reader device Motorola MC9090-G, which uses Windows CE 5.0 and Intel PXA270 CPU /ARM CPU/.

This application must connect to enterprise MS SQL Server and read/write data into it.

My question is :
1. Is there some JVM which can I install into device ?
2. Can I build application in Java, which is able /may be using JDBC/ connect to MS SQL Server ?


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Joined: 2009-02-12

Thank you all very much.

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I developed an aplication for PDA, for same O.S. and procesor, my solution was using jvm j9(IBM) and http comunication, if you are thinking in many clients, with permanent connection, you can use web solution and IE in movile. If you need asincronous aplication, you need save your data in local files in movil disp., you can use http comunication whit server for changes in D.B. when you have connection to the server. i could not find free embeded D.B. or libraries to connect to D.B. directly of the mobile disp.
If you want buy licenses you can see for Creme(nSicom). They have a good jvm and is compatible to your O.S. and processor(Windows CE 5.0 and Intel PXA270 CPU /ARM CPU). I used Cassiopeia T-600, same O.S. and processor.

Inti Sandino Magallón

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Sorry for the slow reply. Regarding Java on Windows Mobile you can find more information on my blog:

Regarding SQL databases please look here:

Hope that helps,

-- Terrence