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i want to know waht is the difference between programming pc web server and mobile web server??

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Joined: 2003-06-15

it depends on what you mean. A PC (desktop browser) web server uses HTML, and mobile web server (I assume you mean a browser on a phone accessing the webserver) uses HTML as well.

However Mozilla, and safari, and IE also support HTML, and we all know how different they are.

Now if by mobile web server you mean the abomination called OSGi, where they put a webserver on a phone, then it uses HTTP as the protocol, and either some type of webservice XML-RPC, or your own protocol.

And finally if you mean mobile applications accessing a webserver for data, then you can use HTTP, and html, or xml, or web services or binary streams, or whatever you want.

Maybe a bit more info on what it is you want to do would help us focus our responses more accurately to your needs.