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Me again. This is all me, not here for month, and then I ask many questions. Sorry for that.

I know how to change a playlist, go to a specific mark. But ban someone give the code to change the current title playing?

Thanks in advance, Francois

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Try this bit of code:


import org.bluray.ti.Title;
import org.bluray.ti.selection.TitleContext;


* Jump to a new Title
* @param xtc the Xlet context
* @param t the target Title number
public static void changeTitle(XletContext xtc, int t)
ServiceContextFactory factory = ServiceContextFactory.getInstance();

TitleContext tc = (TitleContext)factory.getServiceContext(xtc);
SIManager manager = SIManager.createInstance();
BDLocator loc = new BDLocator(null, t, -1);
Title title = (Title)manager.getService(loc);

if (title != null)
tc.start(title, true);
catch (Throwable e)


That should do what you need.


- Jay

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One more thing worth mentioning:

You need a permission file called "bluray.YourXletName.perm" and set
service selection to true.

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Thank youy very much to you all!


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Hello Francois,

this is how it could be done using TV spec only:

1. Step 1 =========================================

You first need to access your Xlet's primary ServiceContext instance:

ServiceContext yourPrimaryCtx =,
where xc is initXlet() paramter value for your Xlet.

2. Step 2 =================================
Using that xc, you call then
where serviceLocator is the locator of your title,
it must include disc_id part(that implies it is transport-dependant in Bluray terms).

2.2[] serviceComponentLocators)
serviceComponentLocators is 1+ element array of ServiceComponent-s
of the Title to be selected.
Consequences of actions in 2) shall be:
2.1. If your Xlet is not signaled in newly selected title,
it shall be destroyed.

2.2 if your xlet is signaled in currently
selected title's bdjo as TITLE_UNBOUND_DISC_BOUND or
and is signaled in new title's bdjo (any type of signaling):
your Xlet shall not be destroyed. Xlet
becomes managed by newly selected
title's signaling. So, if it is signaled as TITLE_BOUND_DISC_BOUND
in new title, it shall become TITLE_BOUND_DISC_BOUND
after selection succeeds.

2.3. if your Xlet is signaled in currently
selected title's bdjo as TITLE_BOUND_DISC_BOUND
your Xlet shall terminate. And then:
If it is signaled in newly selected title's bdjo, it shall
start again and shall become managed by newly selected title signaling.

3. Step 3 ======================================

After selection succeeded, you then need wait for NormalContentEvent
as a signal that your title selection accomplished in your ServiceContextListener.
To do that, you have to get subscribed as primary ServiceContextListener:
just add your listener by calling.

yourPrimaryCtx.addListener(ServiceContextListener listener)

Note! call yourPrimaryCtx.ServiceaddListener() before Step 2! or your listener
shall miss the NormalContentEvent which gets generated asynchronously.

Then you've got a few of options:
- NormalContentEvent shall signal that successful selection occurs.
- SelectionFailedEvent will result in selection failure: see it's reason why
it has happened.
- You catch interrupted exception in your thread! It means that
title selection has accomplished and resulted in 2.1 or 2.3 behavior.
You then need to:
- modify waiting threads to wait for one of two events:
3.1 NormalContentEvent
3.2 your Xlet's destroyXlet is called by the platform itself.

In case 3.2, you need to successfully release resources etc.