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Uninstalling Java (TM) Platform, Micro Edition Software Development Kit 3.0

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I have installed Java (TM) Platform, Micro Edition Software Development Kit 3.0 EA, and now I want to remove it, however, when running the uninstaller I get a message about the "Java ME SDK is running. Please close Java ME SDK window and try again."

There is no other Java ME SDK running, I have even tried this in Safe Mode, but with the same error message! My guess the problem is that the installer think itself is the Java ME SDK.

Do anyone know how to solve this and uninstall this?

I'm running Vista business, 64-bit if that helps.

BR Psy

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Try looking for a directory named something like ".javame-sdk" in your home directory. The EA release apparently does not clean up well after itself. When I had the same problem, I solved it by deleting all variations of this directory.

You might also need to uninstall NetBeans, if the development kit was bundled with it.

Note that 3.0 RR does not properly uninstall 3.0 EA, so you may have to go through the steps of manually deleting your 3.0 EA directory and killing any related processes in addition to deleting the directories.

... I know this is not a very timely response; it is really for the next person who finds this thread when troubleshooting the same problem.

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Did you solve this problem?

I have a same problem.

Thank you.

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I am also having the same problem ... were you able to solve it?

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My problem was that i have Vista 64.
I installed the JDK 64 and nothing works right.
Then I removed the JDK and I installed JDK 32.
Then I Reinstall the sun_java_me_sdk-3_0-ea-win. It Will ask you if you want to reinstall.

Yes, i reinstalled the sun_java_me_sdk-3_0-ea-win and it works fine now.