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Alternatives to SG ???

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Hi all,

I don't know to create a flame war, I only want some feedback.
I think some of us has requesting some answer about the license and next project release without success.
So I would like to know if anybody has used a successful alternative to SG, like Piccolo2D ( and his opinion. Better if it uses a like LGPL license.


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Joined: 2004-01-30

I use Piccolo2D in two large commercial scientific apps.

Piccolo2D is great. It's powerful and mature and you have all the source. Piccolo2D panels can be easily embedded into Swing containers. Piccolo2D supports multiple cameras providing multiple views on the same scene. It has the beginnings of a layout system (although no real layout implementations) Finally, you can embed Piccolo2D into your app and you have the rights to distribute it.

Of course, there are some enticing JavaFX things that Piccolo2D is missing:
- Photoshop/Illustrator integration. We do all of our design work in code with hand-made Java2D calls. Not pleasant.
- No automatic declarative property binding. Piccolo2D has a limited framework for event propagation, but you have to hand roll all connections in code.
- Integration with hardware effects

Piccolo2D is definitely worth trying, at the very least during the interim while we wait for Sun to figure out the source licensing, deployment and distribution issues.

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If you can comply with the javafx license and can depend on its runtime and jnlp, you can actually still use the scenegraph's (scenario) newer versions. A lot of bugs were fixed, new features added, APIs changed. The scalaility and some perf related problems (especially in regards to animations) are still a little low (as in the open source version) but it's going to be worked on actively it seems.

In a way it might be an alternative.

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There's also PulpCore.

It doesn't have the swing capabilities and probably won't, but it is very compelling.

software visualization

AFAIK pulpcore is not a scenegraph It's a very fast animation framework.

On Fri, Feb 6, 2009 at 4:34 PM, wrote:

> There's also PulpCore.
> It doesn't have the swing capabilities and probably won't, but it is very
> compelling.
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