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Problems with setting up a test network

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Joined: 2008-12-12

Hello everybody,

i am quite new to JXTA and for some study work i would like to develop an application based JXTA.

As a starting point i decided to set up a virtual infrastructure for testing etc. I used VirtualBox for virtualization and i created two virtual machines (Debian + Java 6 SDK). After starting jxta-shell via javaws and providing the shell with rdv and relay seeds both shells (in different VM, connected via NAT with "the real world") connect to NetPeerGroup. As rdv is either JXTA.ORG:38 or JXTA.ORG:39 used. Fine.

Now i would like to verify that everthing works as it should. For this, i would like to just connect both shells via the talk-service. I register an user for every shell and logging on to the service. But i can't exchange messages as "user is not a registered." Are there any ideas on what is going wrong here?

The same thing happens with peer-groups. I create a peer-group with the command "mygrpadv = newpgrp -n testgroup" and join it with "grp = join -d mygrpadv". Ok, but when i want to join the same group with the shell in the other vm, it can't be found. When performing "groups -r" a list of available groups is retrieved, but my testgroup is not contained.

Do i use the shell in a wrong way or is it a configuration issue?

Thanks for any response!


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Joined: 2008-12-12

Solved. I used wrong relay-seeds.