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JPEG2000 partial read/write

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Joined: 2008-10-07

I am using a very simple test with JPEG2000:

BufferedImage inImage;
ImageIO.write(inImage , "jpeg2000", outfile);

The resulting image contains only 1/4 of the original image when viewed using IrfanView, the rest of the image a blacked out. When writing the image out as tiff, again 1/4 of the image is missing which makes me suspect a problem on the read side.

Has anyone had a similar problem? Any suggestions?

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Joined: 2008-10-07

More on my original question. The jpeg2000 image I was using has multiple tiles and it looks like ImageIO only output the first tile but still maintained the full size of the original image. The remainder of the image was blacked out when viewed from IrfanView.

Again if anyone know whether this is a bug in ImageIO or that some special feature needs to be activated for this to work properly, please respond on this list.