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Write JPEG with Exif-Data

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I'm relative new to JAI and ImageIO. The last days I tryed hard to find a solution for reading and writing exif-tags from JPEGs.

I achieved the reading using the following reader:
and then use imageio-tiff-format to get the tags. I even managed to change the value of an tag by creating a new one and replace the current. The problem occurs when trying to write the image back to disk: then all the exif-data is lost.

I achieved as well to read the JPEG with the reader
and write it back to disk with the appropriate writer right away as is.
But with this Reader I can not use the tiff-format, so I can not read out exif-tags not to mention changing them.

I actually tried to read with the and pass the metadata-object to an com.sun.imageio....-writer, but this way the exif-data is getting lost as well.

Searching this forum I found the following bugreport:
Thought maybe this ist the reason for the to not write Metadata, but this bug was fixed in 1.1beta and I'm using the current (1.1-stable) release.

Now I don't have any more idea - can please someone help me? If there would be a completely other way to read and write exif-data I would appreciate that, too.

Below you can find my current sourcecode.
Thanks for reading and trying to help,

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I'm a little confused that a JPEG reader offers TIFF metadata not JPEG Metadata.
If you would use ImageIO API to read not JAI-API you can use native JPEG
metadata format or a common imageio metadata format. Maybe your problem ist
that you use the wrong metadata classes.

However I don't know if the native J2SE JPEG codec can write imageio common
metadata. Maybe you need to use the pure java codec.

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The thing with TIFF-Metadata is correct since JPEG-Exif-Data is the same format as TIFF-Metadata. This makes it comparatively easy to read selective Values using tag-constants (e.g. EXIFTIFFTagSet.TAG_DATE_TIME_ORIGINAL)

I think I could have expressed the main question more precise:
Is it possible to use the writer "" for writing JPEG-images inclusive their metadata? I tried already the version with JAI (see above) and the following:
[i]writer.setOutput(new FileImageOutputStream(new File(outputFileName)));
riter.write(null, new IIOImage(image, null, imageMetadata), writeParam);[/i]

I've tried all I could think of, but found no way to get it work - the image itself gets always written correctly but metadata is missing and no exception is thrown I could see - therefore I suppose this writer has a bug but I might be wrong with that. Has anybody tried or even managed this before? What am I doing wrong? Or can someone approve my assumption with the bug?

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Any luck writing exif to jpeg with imagewriter?
Im having same issue here - read in an image and its exif with imagereader fine, then when I write back the exif is always the default one.
Im using the clib writer since the other one is way too slow (and doesnt write exif either).

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I ended up writing exif using the apache sanselan library. I don't like it to use an additional library, especially as I only need a small piece of it - but at the end I had no more time to try on with JAI against long odds.

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sorry for double-post, but the sourcecode appended was cut down everytime I saved my post...! Trying to post it in this second post...:

edit: didn't work in second post as well - is there a chance to append a *.java file here?

so far, here some important parts:

// choose a reader
Iterator readers = ImageIO.getImageReadersByFormatName("jpeg");
ImageReader reader = null;
while (readers.hasNext()) {
reader = (ImageReader);
// or com.sun.imageio - use a specific reader
if (reader.getClass().getName().startsWith("")) {
// Break on finding the core provider.
// read the image
ParameterBlockJAI pb_r = new ParameterBlockJAI("ImageRead");
pb_r.setParameter("Input", inputFile);
pb_r.setParameter("Reader", reader);
RenderedImage ri = JAI.create("ImageRead", pb_r);


// read the metadata (if reader
Object o = ri.getProperty("JAI.ImageMetadata");
CLibJPEGMetadata md = null;
String[] formats = new String[0];


// choose a writer
Iterator writers = ImageIO.getImageWritersByFormatName("jpeg");
ImageWriter writer = null;
while (writers.hasNext()) {
writer = (ImageWriter);
// or com.sun.imageio - use a specific writer
if (writer.getClass().getName().startsWith("")) {
// Break on finding the core provider.
// Write Image to disk
ParameterBlockJAI pb = new ParameterBlockJAI("ImageWrite");
pb.setParameter("Output", outputFile);
pb.setParameter("UseProperties", true);
pb.setParameter("Transcode", true);
pb.setParameter("Format", "JPEG");
pb.setParameter("ImageMetadata", md);
pb.setParameter("Writer", writer);
RenderedOp ro = JAI.create("ImageWrite", pb);

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