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HotSpot VM

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I'm trying to run a compiled version of phoneME Advanced Personal Profile b102 (from on a Windows Mobile 6/ARM device, and I'm getting it to run correctly but VERY slowly. My application uses LWUIT as graphical framework (CDCPort.jar from the Java TV project).
The command I use to execute the VM is placed in a link-file as follows: 255#"\phoneme\personal\bin\cvm.exe" "-cp" "/javaapps/MyJar.jar" "test.Test"
Will my app run in interpretation mode or will it use the HotSpot VM? What can I do to make my app run faster?
I can see that the compiled phoneME version is built using the CVM_JIT=true option, but do I have to manually set any of the -Xjit:options to get the app to use the HotSpot VM? Is it maybe the CDCPort.jar that makes it run slow?

Ken Karlsson

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I have never used the CDC port of LWUIT, but the MIDP version of LWUIT runs reasonably well on my device. The pMEA VM should by default run in JIT mode and not in interpretation mode, so you do not need to set any options whatsoever. Were there perhaps any other applications running in the background? I cannot really say if the CDCPort.jar is to blame, but if you have your application available somewhere I can see how well it performs on my device.